Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Two men, four roles

Two men, four roles
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Everyone says it’s just not right for MLAs to continue as councillors, but two Congressmen are carrying on regardless, and throwing the rulebook at party colleagues who talk ethics.

Clearly, members of the council of Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) continue are unhappy about the MLAs donning double roles, but the Congress is helpless, as no rule prohibits it explicitly.

The party hasn’t been able to get them to resign and give their posts to other party members.

The MLAs, K Chandrashekhar and N L Narendrababu, had recently been at the receiving end when fellow councillors accused them of cornering huge allocations for their legislative constituencies.

Recently, a councillor fought bitterly with an MLA at the preparatory meeting for a council meeting. Sources in the BCC council told this website’s newspaper that some councillors were collecting signatures of members who want the MLAs out. KPCC President Mallikarjun Kharge said that he was yet to study the case. He also maintained that if the MLAs resigned from their councillor’s posts the party would have to go in for elections and the decision could not be taken in a hurry.

However, these MLAs quote the Karnataka Municipal Corporations (KMC) Act to defend themselves. K Chandrashekhar, who also served as the city mayor, said the law-book allows him to continue.

District Congress President and primary and Secondary Education Minister Ramalinga Reddy on the other hand feels these MLAs should take a moral view and resign voluntarily as the party couldn’t force them to do so.


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