Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Potholes near the BCC pose a fatal danger

Potholes near the BCC pose a fatal danger
New INdian Express

BANGALORE: Bangalore’s ill-famed potholes can be seen, or better still, experienced, just a kilometer away from the City Corporation head office.

The Mysore Road stretches between the City Market and the Briand square shows that the road cannot get any worse. No explanation needed on why the nearby Victoria Hospital is full.

This website’s newspaper spoke to motorists who complained about damage to their vehicles while the pedestrians routinely faced the threat of vehicles running over them.

This happens because the motorists take on the sidewalk to avoid the potholes on the road. Shopkeepers are a witness to this routine acrobatics on the road. One of them said that minor accidents were pretty frequent.

One auto rickshaw driver Raja claimed that his rickshaw was damaged while driving on the road, costing him Rs 2000.

There is, however, a general feeling among people that the Corporation could have, at least, treated the stretch with some attention and priority because there are a few hospitals at either side of the stretch.

The condition of patients carried in ambulances on this road only worsens further. Chamarajpet Corporator (Ward 46) Kokila Chandrashekhar, when contacted, passed the buck to the BCC Chief Engineer.

“But what can I do?” she queried, explaining that despite her complaints, the BCC Chief Engineer had not taken any action.

According to her, the contractor was paid Rs 40 lakh, out of Rs 90 lakh sanctioned for the works by the BCC, though he had not completed the roadwork. Added Kokila,

“The project was supposed to be completed in 2003-2004 and despite my complaint to the chief engineer, the contractor was paid. I later took up the issue with the BCC commissioner but no action has been taken so far.

“If it goes on like this I will go on strike.”

The State Government recently improved Bangalore-Mysore road, and it is not known why the Government forgot that this stretch as it too is a part of the same road, just a short distance away from Town Hall from where the highway originates.


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