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Kannada activists storm Infosys

Kannada activists storm Infosys
Deccan Herald

The KRV activists have demanded priority in jobs for Kannadigas and implementation of the Sarojini Mahishi report within a week.

Nearly 1,000 activists of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) on Tuesday staged a protest in front of the Infosys office in the Electronics City on Hosur Road, demanding priority for Kannadigas in appointments to IT companies and implementation of the Sarojini Mahishi Report.

The protest led to a traffic jam on Hosur road for nearly half an hour from 10:30 am.

After submitting a memorandum to an Infosys representative, the Vedike’s State President, Mr A Narayan Gowda, threatened to disrupt the Bangalore scheduled for next month if the Mahishi recommendations on job reservation for Kannadigas in the State IT companies were not implemented within a week.

He said support for the agitation would be sought from all pro-Kannada organisations in the State.

Mr Gowda said if IT companies thought they were not getting the required number of meritorious Kannadigas, the KRV would take the responsibility of providing them.

“It was unacceptable if such excuses were given to recruit Kannadigas to minor posts in transport, maintenance, stores, security departments and canteens,” Mr Gowda declared. At present, the Infosys canteen contract has been given to people from Andhra Pradesh and the security contract to north Indians which mirrors the discriminatory attitude of the company, he pointed out.

Hebbagodi Rural Police led by District Superintendent of Police Srinivasan rushed to the spot and stopped the protestors from entering the Infosys premises.

The police were also assisted by a 50-odd strong private security force deployed by the Infosys.

However, no arrests were made and no complaint has been registered, Assistant Sub Inspector Munikrishnappa said.

Hush-hush affair

A senior Infosys executive, on condition of anonymity, said the company had decided to remain silent on the issue. However, he termed the demonstration as “sad”.

“Infosys, which has created thousands of jobs for the State is being victimised by political elements for their own narrow benefits. Mr Narayana Murthy’s view that IT companies hire and will hire on the basis of merit is just and fair. And the entire industry agrees to it. Everyone who loves Karnataka and is concerned about its future must condemn such acts of vandalism,” the executive added.


You can’t expect us to react to each and every protest on the issue of reservation or about boycotting We will express our views tomorrow.


Gowda, IT Secretary

Most of the IT companies follow a recruitment policy which is usually fair, transparent and based on merit. We need people who are technically-trained, so reservation of jobs would not serve the company’s purpose”.

Deepak Sood,

Head of CII

I don’t think it is right on the part of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike to demand reservation for Kannadigas. We will not agree to it, as our companies are talent-oriented and knowledge-based ones. Moreover, it is obvious that Karnataka has the required talent pool.

Ananth Koppar,

BCIC President

Kannadigas need not be given any reservation per se. If they are talented, irrespective of whether they are Kannadigas or not, they will be given the job based on their expertise. In my company, a majority of my employees are Kannadigas.

Raj Bhasin, Chairperson,

IT panel of FKCCI


At Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 2:26:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Kishore said...

oh yeah.. Mr. Raj Bhasin.. in my company believe it or not every single one is a non-kannadiga except me. This will soon change.. We will be implementing Sarojini Mahishi's report and those who deny accepting our language, and are not ready to become one among us will have no place to stay in Karnataka.


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