Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BMTC on the roll to check bus violations

BMTC on the roll to check bus violations
The Times of India

Bangalore: The BMTC’s seven Sarathi jeeps have hit the roads to ensure that buses only travel in dedicated lanes and stop only at bus stops.

Speaking to The Times of India, BMTC chief traffic manager Dastagir Sheriff said: “In all areas where police have finished painting road signs, our sarathi jeeps are making sure there is bus discipline on the roads.’’

Following the Times Round Table on Saturday, the police started painting the lanes almost immediately.

Acknowledging that, Sheriff said: “All drivers have been asked to use BMTC exclusive lanes only and stop exactly in front of bus stops. We have decided to come down heavily on drivers not following traffic guidelines.’’

The police have painted 250 bus stops. BMTC authorities will be requested to educate their drivers to restrict buses to the dedicated slots.

BCC is not left behind

In a swift response to discussions and decisions at the Times Round Table, the BCC has begun work on shifting bus stands which are hindering traffic movement.

According to additional commissioner (finance) and engineer-in-chief incharge P K Srihari, BCC workers have started dismantling five bus-shelters as identified by the police near Koramangala Water Tank, Chennamma Circle, Jakkasandra, St John’s Hospital and Richmond Town.

At the Times Round Table on Saturday, the BCC had promised to relocate 40 bus-shelters within 15 days.
The traffic police have already identified the alternate spaces in the city where the existing bus shelters can be shifted.
This apart, the police have also asked the BCC to construct a few bus-bays.


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