Thursday, September 29, 2005

Autos off the roads today, BMTC buses are on track

Autos off the roads today, BMTC buses are on track
The Times of India

Bangalore: Autos will be off course on Thursday, thanks to the strike call given by various auto rickshaw unions.

Autorickshaws are on strike protesting against Metro Rail and demanding more LPG stations. There are over 80,000 autos plying in the city. A spokesman said they want more facilities like LPG filling stations and proper facilities for disbursement of subsidy. They claimed that the RTOs cancelling fitness certificates for those vehicles that do not comply with the LPG switchover and imposing heavy fines was harsh and improper.

But transport in the city will not be entirely hit. Buses would be running on track and without any hindrance in services, asserted BMTC officials on Wednesday.

In fact, to cater to the expected extra rush of passengers and commuters, the BMTC has deployed 250 additional buses.

In the wake of strikes called by trade unions and autorickshaw drivers on Thursday, bus services in the city would not be affected. “We assure the people that bus services would not be affected,’’ said BMTC’s chief traffic manager, Dastagir Sharief.

The BMTC presently operates 3,859 schedules a day and operates 8.70 lakh kms on a daily basis. Anticipating that there would be massive numbers of passengers clocking in on Thursday, the schedules and trips operated is slated to increase. The service provider has appealed to the public not to cause any damage to BMTC property, to the passengers or the employees.

KSRTC which operates 2,500 buses from Bangalore was hopeful of maintaining their services. Officials said “we will play a wait and watch game. Police have been intimated to give protection to the buses.’’

Meanwhile, The Akhila Karnataka State Government Employees Federation will go ahead with their strike.

‘Administrative staff at all levels including the police commissioner and DGP’s officers will strike work along with workers of LIC, railways, airports, autorickshaws, defence and so on,’’ federation general secretary B S Sachidanand Murthy told reporters here on Wednesday.

Of the total five lakh government workers, the working strength is 4.10 lakh, of which 1.8 lakh have filed affidavits and belong to the Federation. “The state cannot de-recognise us. As per a recent Supreme Court order, any one registered under the Societies Act is constitutionally recognised,’’ Federation president U D Narasimhaiah maintained.


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