Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where dreams drown every time it rains!

Where dreams drown every time it rains!
Deccan Herald

It was a dream come true when Ramesh and Jayashree bought a villa at a private layout off Bannerghatta Road a few years ago. However, their fairy tale seems to have turned into a nightmare.

Everytime there is a downpour, or even a drizzle, water floods their villa. Monday morning, the couple woke up to find a water-logged drawing room after a heavy downpour the previous night.

Ramesh wryly comments, “Irrespective of whether it rains in other places or not, this place gets flooded nonetheless.” Monday’s was the third such “flash-flood” in the area in the last one month.

Even as residents of Ranka Colony, Pride Apartments, Purva Heights, Oasis Apartments, Surabhi Apartments and Mantri Terraces on Bannerghatta Road busy themselves in the clean-up job, the blame game has begun, as the builders, residents and authorities toss the buck around.

The Bommanahalli City Municipal Council claimed that it is in no way responsible for the present situation. “All approvals were issued by the BDA, but we are being blamed for all the problems,” said Bommanahalli CMC Commissioner Uday Shankar.

However, residents argued that CMC engineers have to be blamed for the present mess. “The engineers had opened a covered drain through which water now gushes out and floods the colonies,” Ranka Villas’ Association Secretary Revathi Hegde said.

However, the authorities had a ray of hope for the frazzled residents. Following an inspection, CMC Commissioner Uday Shankar promised the residents that drains would be desilted linked to Madiwala lake.


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