Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Banners a blot on Bangalore cityscape

Banners a blot on Bangalore cityscape
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Banners put up by political parties and other organisations have become a nuisance and authorities have been turning a blind eye to the menace. The culprits conveniently forget to remove the banners even after their ‘purpose’ is served.

No political party can escape blame for defacing Bangalore by splattering the banners and posters all over. They spare no occasion to show their sycophancy. Birthdays of politicians and MLAs, MPs or Ministers provide ample opportunities to mar the cityscape with banners and posters.

For example, former Minister Alexander’s birthday was celebrated recently. His staunch supporters and aspirants for political postings took the opportunity to “impress” him with wall-posters conveying birthday greetings two to three days in advance. The posters remained for days after Alexander celebrated his birthday.

Some of the posters of Katta Foundation belonging to BJP MLA Katta Subramanya Naidu still exist at important junctions of Shivajinagar and Vasanthnagar. The function was over on August 7 but neither the BCC nor the MLA’s followers have the time to remove these posters.

Similarly Congress party workers put up vinyl posters of a Congress leader and his followers wishing Bangaloreans on the occasion of 58th Independence Day. These posters still “adore” many building walls.

Many prospective and former politicians spend huge amount of money whenever there is a chance to “wish” Bangaloreans. Let it be a Hindu, Muslim or Christian festival, these leaders vie with each other in putting up banners at important junctions in the city.

Some organisations like DSS and Karunada Sene also join in frequently. If a poster at Kamala Balekundri circle is any indication, these people do not know even where to paste the posters.

“It is very unfortunate that we have to have darshan of these posters and cut-outs first thing in the morning. It will be pleasant to see photos of freedom fighters, social workers, gods and goddesses but not these photographs of politicians,” complains a resident of Jayanagar.

Earlier the Bangalore City Corporation has made it mandatory for political party or social organisations to avail its permission to put up banners or wall-posters. But now it seems that no one is bothered to get BCC permission.


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