Sunday, July 24, 2005

Govt. asks IT companies to take a hike

Government decides to go ahead with Bangalore.IN
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Taking a hard line with the IT giants, who have formed Bangalore Forum for IT (BFIT) and are on warpath with the State Government over City's ‘bad infrastructure’, the State Government has decided to go ahead with its Bangalore.IN.

BFIT, comprising 20 IT companies, including HP Global, Texas Instruments, SAP, Siemens, Phillips software, Sun Microsystems, Sasken and vMoksha have threatened to boycott Bangalore.IN, the city IT industry showpiece.

Their main grouse is on deteriorating infrastructure and Government's inaction over improving it.

“What can we do about it. Last year also they did not participate in Bangalore IT.Com and the show went on. This year also it will be the same,” IT&BT Secretary Shakaralinge Gowda shot back.

As an IT capital, the Government has commitment towards the needs of IT industries. Last year, the BFIT made specific demands to the Government, of which most of them have been met with.

Among their demands, the International Airport project has taken off, while the Metro rail project will take off by September. The Jayadeva fly over work also has been completed and Chief Minister had talks with this group.

“I have not seen their this year's demand. What I gathered is that this group want the City to be cleaned up. This cannot happen overnight.

“Moreover, the Government has constituted an empowered committee, which has representatives from this consortium also. Most of these issues can be sorted out in the committee, instead of going public over the issue,” he contended.

Asked if the boycott would have any impact on the show, Shankarlinge Gowda answered negatively.

“It is a boycott against whom? We are trying to showcase their own industry. There are over 1300 companies in Bangalore. If the boycott is against the Government, I don't know what to react. But even the Government has done its best,” he added.


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