Saturday, July 30, 2005

‘The city’s peripheral areas need attention’

‘The city’s peripheral areas need attention’
The Times of India

What does the proposal for a Greater Bangalore mean to a citizen?
It will mean a lot and affect day-to-day living. Problems emanating from the peripheral areas will ultimately start affecting the core of the city. The peripheral issues need to be addressed for holistic development, which is what the proposal aims for.

Does this mean that projects will witness better implementation?
Definitely. Eight CMCs will come under one body. This means more accountability and a situation where the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. There will be more coordination between them and their projects. It certainly will make a big difference to implementation.

Will more areas start looking and operating like BDA layouts in terms of planning and amenities?
If we are talking about amenities and facilities and if what is planned for gets implemented, it definitely means better peripheral layouts. This is most necessary as these problems have a way of reaching and affecting the inner parts of the city and thereby the whole of Bangalore.

What are the projects that need to be addressed immediately?
Drinking water and underground drainage. The projects have already begun and are sure to be a boon to these areas. Addressing these two issues will have a cascading effect on central Bangalore. Other developments are sure to follow and will witness coordinated implementation if the Greater Bangalore proposal comes through.

BDA Commissioner, speaking as a Bangalore citizen
On Greater Bangalore


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