Monday, June 27, 2005

Residents’ unique initiative to clear roads

Residents’ unique initiative to clear roads
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Here is a good example of public-private partnership that city residents’ associations can emulate to keep traffic violators in check.

The Koramangala initiative, an association of local residents, has decided to get down to brass tacks and fight traffic congestion in partnership with the police. It has put its resources together and organised a tow vehicle for the city police. A traffic Sub-Inspector will be deployed along with the vehicle, which will move along Koramangala roads and remove or fine vehicles violating parking rules.

The problem in this Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) layout here is that the area has grown from being a posh residential place to one where offices and eateries have come up illegally as both the BDA and BCC allowed residents to convert their properties into commercial buildings. As the authorities turned a blind eye, commercial buildings mushroomed and parking has now become a problem and roads remain congested.

“We have written to BCC and traffic police not to permit parking on main roads, cross roads and on footpaths, but they seem to be helpless. So we have now decided to partner the police,” Maj (rtd) Pramod Kapoor told this website’s newspaper.

From July 1, the tow vehicle will do the rounds. “The vehicle is currently being fabricated. We are fitting a low jack, which will help lift the errant vehicle on its axle without damaging the bumpers. Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic and Security) K.V.R. Tagore who approved our idea will inaugurate the initiative,” Kapoor said.

Providing a tow vehicle is not all that the residents have initiated. They have also promised senior police officers managing the city’s chaotic traffic that they will provide assistance to the policemen manning particular junctions. This apart, to find a solution, the Koramangala Initiative is also getting a traffic study of the area done in an attempt to find answers to the chaos. The study team will cover traffic problems and also talk to the BCC, BDA and other government departments and get their views on the lop sided development.


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