Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Laloo promises electrification of Bangalore Mysore rail line

Bangalore-Mysore railway line to be electrified

Business Standard

Railway minister Lalu Prasad on Tuesday promised Karnataka that the Bangalore-Mysore railway line electrification work has been taken up and will be completed soon.

Addressing the National Development Council meeting, Prasad said the Ramanagaram-Mysore railway line-doubling survey was in progress.

Karnataka chief minister N Dharam Singh had requested the Railways to speed up completion of all railway projects in the state by providing additional resources as the state government had agreed to share two-third of the cost of electrification.

Singh had sought doubling of railway line from bangalore to ramanagaram and completion of the remaining work from Ramanagaram to Mysore, which is a tourist centre of national importance.


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