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Lack of infrastructure dogs Peenya industrial estate

Lack of infrastructure dogs Peenya industrial estate

The Hindu

Many of the roads resemble mud roads in villages Some of the `tarred' roads in the area resemble mud roads in villages

BANGALORE: Peenya is one of the biggest industrial estates in Asia with an annual turnover of around Rs. 8,000 crores. It contributes over Rs. 800 crores in terms of Central excise, customs duty, commercial tax and corporate tax. However, Peenya today is an industrial area with poor infrastructure, crying for a proper underground drainage system, roads, footpaths and streetlights.

The industrialists in the area pay around Rs. 1 crore every year to the Dasarahalli City Municipal Council. Barring a few stretches of the 110-km road network in the 40 sq. km industrial area, the rest are in a shambles. Many roads resemble mud roads in villages and the carriageway and footpath can hardly be distinguished from each other. Even the main roads have deep potholes.


Heavy vehicles carrying goods and machinery find it difficult to negotiate these roads. The estate has a 5.20-lakh-strong workforce, and those using the main thoroughfares in the area experience a nightmare during peak hours. For the women, who constitute 50 per cent of the workforce, using these roads at night can be a harrowing experience as the roads are not properly lit.

The appeals and protests organised by industrialists and letters to the State Government and the municipal council have fallen on deaf ears.

The President of the Peenya Industries' Association, A. Padmanabha, told The Hindu that he has lost faith in the authorities, as they have not cared to respond to the complaints of industrialists about the lack of basic amenities.

Brian Slade, Director of MAPAL India, a subsidiary of a German company, expressed anger about the condition of the fourth and fifth main roads in Peenya IV Phase. Mr. Brian said he had fought long and hard to bring the new industrial facility to the Peenya area, only to find that the roads have deteriorated to such an extent that driving here is almost impossible.

"I had invited a German journalist, Winfried Hofele, to India to see the progress of our new facility. However, I spent most of the time apologising for the disgraceful state of the roads," he said in a letter to the commissioner.

An office-bearer of the association and ISO-certified entrepreneur engaged in precision CNC turning and machining, Prasad M.J, urged the police to increase the number of beat constables and post traffic policemen at important junctions.

Mr. Padmanabha said that the drainage system in the entire area has been damaged. The drains were laid 30 years ago when there were only a few industries here. He alleged that the authorities have sold stretches of service roads, blocking the movement of vehicles.

He cautioned that development of Doddanna, Bhairaveshwara and Andhrahalli industrial estates will compound the problems of the area.


At Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 11:15:00 AM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you are published this, on that time the roads are some what better but now Peenya IInd stage, Andhrahalli main road, Rajgopal nagar, hegganahalli, these are very worst, kindly come once and feel this roads at any time, here people are crying for journey in this roads,

At Friday, August 28, 2009 at 9:45:00 AM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never seen such an worst infrastructure than peenya IInd stage in entire bangalore. People are crying for atleast water, there is no water supply at all. All government authorities of bangalore are sleeping!!! We are in peenya IInd stage from 1995 since then I am hearing that cauvery water will come will come, but till date there is no water, we did a big mistake by making a house in Peenya staying in peenya is equal to Hell!!! It was better if government would have mixed some poison in water and given us so that we dont suffer like this. Until now there is no water, our studies, our carrier everything was lost because of water supply day and night standing in the queue near milk dairy bustop near goodwill school! I have peenya!!!!!!!!!


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