Friday, May 27, 2005

Govt to smoothen land acquisition for Metro

Govt to smoothen land acquisition for Metro
Likely To Extend Benefit Of TDR Scheme To Transport Sector Also
The Times of India

Bangalore: The concept of TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) may have touched a raw nerve among those losing land for road widening. But the benefits of the scheme, as envisaged by the implementing authorities, could soon be extended to those losing land to the proposed Metro rail.

Explain sources in the urban development department, “The government is examining the benefits of TDR for those who are going to lose land in the process of acquisition for Metro rail.’’

Should this be cleared by the government, legislation would be introduced to the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act to enable implementing TDR to public transport. Currently, the clause inserted in the Act — 14B Benefit of Development Rights — authorises local corporations and planning authorities to permit additional FAR (floor area ratio) for land acquired by them, only for formation of new roads, development of parks.

Explain sources in the government, “There is no provision in the Act that says this can be used for public transport. This necessitates bringing in legislation inserting Metro rail.’’

But for the Metro rail to chug off incorporating the ‘benefits’ of TDR, it has to wait for a long procedure. And nobody seems to be in a tearing hurry to introduce it in the first phase, East-West Corridor, itself. Private land requirement and subsequent acquisition, for the first phase, is 47.25 acres. Sources add, “This is not a huge number compared to the 100 acres that has to be acquired from the Defence.’’

Trenching work: While the logistics of land acquisition are still being worked out, trenching work would start soon from Chinnaswamy cricket stadium to Byappanahalli post. Trenching work involves examining what lies underneath the surface, the type of soil, etc. Once this is identified, piers (vertical support pillars) would come up starting at the M.G. Road boulevard and culminating at Old Madras Road or Byappanahalli.

Piers have already been designated, first train stop to the terminating point, as P205 to P17. And sources in the BCC add that road cutting has begun for piers.


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