Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Keep a vigil on these trees


At 20:30 hrs 0n 19/04/2005 in the meeting held at BMP, the commissioner has agreed to stop all tree felling till a independently survey is conducted and DEAD and DANGEROUS TREES are identified. Once identified the dead and dangerous trees will be chopped to prevent any harm. The order to stop felling of trees has been released by BMP and I shall post it as soon I get a copy.

The problem on hand now is that the contractors who had valid tenders and orders are going about felling trees. To this end around 20 to 30 bangaloreans had a vigil all of last night in groups moving in different parts of the city. They were successful in preventing a tree being cut right in front of fun world at around 22:30 hrs.

The burning issue now is for all of us to keep vigil and stop the contractors from bringing down the tree at night.
The list of trees are posted on these links. Please also keep a vigil on the trees near your homes.


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