Thursday, April 28, 2005

The great run

The great run
Deccan Herald

The Lipton Bangalore International Marathon is hoping to draw a large crowd, including corporates and celebrities. According to the organisers, athletes like P T Usha, Milka Singh, Reeth Abraham, Arjun Devaiah, Ashwini Nachappa and actor Aravind Ramesh have already confirmed their participation.

Metrolife caught up with some Bangaloreans to find out how cool running is. Sports icon Ashwini Nachappa , says the trend of organising marathons is to attract people to make it a daily habit. “Marathon is a serious sports, which involves lots of patience and determination. Fitness freaks like us wouldn't be able to compete with serious runners. However, it is a good opportunity to run with international sportsmen and other important people of the society. We can witness a huge enthusiastic crowd. I wish Bangaloreans good time and health.”

Narayan Rajan, CEO iVista, digital solutions, says, “Participation for me would essentially mean being a part of the movement and staying fit. Now it is the youngsters who are more fitness cautious than the aged. There is nothing to win or lose here. Just participate and run. It is running for fun.

Naresh Shetty, medical director, MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, says, “Running should be made a part of life, for fun, joy and good health. We normally have a starting problem in all walks of life, so just start and what better time than now.” Dr Shetty gives some tips for running the marathon: If you find yourself fit just start with a pair of good shoes; run for a short distance; extend the distance every day and then it is no big deal; if you doubt your fitness, check it out before you start.

Singer/actress Vasundhara Das, says it brings people together and it is a good exposure for Bangaloreans since it is happening for the first time in the City. I request all Bangaloreans to participate in the event.


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