Thursday, April 28, 2005

BMP moots ban on hoardings

BMP moots ban on hoardings
Deccan Herald

The BMP Council on Wednesday called for a step up in the crackdown on graffiti, posters, illegal hoardings, banners, buntings and their ilk. Commissioner Jothiramalingam was told to fully utilise his powers as provided under the Public Places Disfigurement Act.

Mayor R Narayanaswamy, meanwhile, observed that the BMP has approached the government for a total ban on hoardings in Bangalore, like the case of Delhi.

Raising the issue, Jayamahal legislator Roshan Baig said that even though a drive against illegal hoardings was on, new hoardings are seen across city every day. Divisional BMP officials reportedly shrugged them off as those permitted by the government, he said.

Mr Roshan Baig’s particular concern were the hoardings on the Palace Grounds border between Mekhri Circle and BDA Junction on Bellary Road. Palace Grounds is a private property - eateries, marriage halls, entertainment centres also dot the said stretch, he observed.

Commissioner Jothiramalingam noted that since a dispute on Palace Grounds involving the State government is on in the Supreme Court, the Chief Secretary’s office was consulted before giving permission for adspace in Palace Grounds. Mr Wodeyar (scion of the Mysore Wodeyar family) had applied for permission as a private citizen, the commissioner explained.


With rains already making its presence felt in the city, Bangalore Mahanagara Palike councillors at their meeting on Wednesday discovered that they have no great forecast for the citizens.

According to BMP Chief Engineer Mr Rame Gowda, total asphalting of roads is complete on just 400 km of the1,000 km stretch identified for it; in case of pothole fillings, BMP hasn’t made the once-in-three-month payment to any of the contractors as the latter have not met the quality parameters; many of the packages on remodelling of stormwater drain valleys are still in the tendering process and work per se is on only in few packages related to Koramangala and Vrishabhavathi valleys.


Earlier, members cutting across party lines sought to know the status of the said works. Corporator Marimuthu, walking in late for the meeting, noted that she had been attending to people whose houses were flooded after the heavy rains on Tuesday. BMP Commissioner Jothiramalingam said that desilting of drains will be extended to areas a little beyond the BMP limits so that the low-lying areas of BMP are safeguarded against floods.


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