Sunday, March 27, 2005

Traffic fines payable under new scheme

Traffic fines payable under new scheme: Mariswamy

Deccan Herald

The task force on traffic constituted by Chief Minister recently, participated in an interactive open house programme on Saturday held by the Public Affairs Centre (PAC) and NGO Swabhiman. The task force is chaired by Principal Secretary (Home) Brahm Dutt consists of the heads of the police, the BDA, Bescom, BMP and BMTC.

Fine ideas
Mr Mariswamy said traffic fines can soon be paid under Bangalore One, the new scheme that seeks to centralise and computerise billing of various government organisations. Traffic wardens were also a good idea, he said, and they were planning to expand their numbers. They were thinking of having 50 to 100 wardens attached to each traffic police station.

Mr Subhash Chandra, additional commissioner of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, said the new building plans made it mandatory to provide parking space. Shops already existing in basements got permission before the new norms came in, so little can be done about them.

As for ‘cutting’ roads for laying cables, he said when a company asked for permission to dig, it is granted only after it is proved that the road has been asphalted where it was dug up the previous time. Squads go around at night catching and seizing materials of companies who dig without permission.

Driving schools
Transport Commissioner Om Prakash talked about imposing controls on driving schools, which have ‘mushroomed’ all over the city. He has asked for a report on how many exist on paper. Driving tracks for license tests are being set up on BMTC land, and they have identified four possible places in Yelahanka, Whitefield, Kengeri and on Hosur Road. This year smart cards for driving licenses and registration certificates, and security plates will be introduced.


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