Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Public for secure parking lots

Public for secure parking lots

Deccan Herald

The public is of the opinion that there should be some security to guard the vehicles in parking lots in Bangalore, Home Secretary Brahma Dutt has said in his report on the pay-and-park system.

Mr Dutt, who submitted the report to Chief Minister N Dharam Singh on Monday, told Deccan Herald that a decision in this regard would be taken soon. Mr Dutt said that the CM would decide whether to withdraw the pay-and-park system or to continue it in a modified form after studying the report. He said that the report contained views of the general public, Public Affairs Centre and recommendations of BATF which includes both the BMP and the Bangalore Police.

While Mayor R Narayanaswamy, has said the BMP was for withdrawal of pay-and-park system from April 1, the City Police Commissioner S Mariswamy, has written to the Government not to do away with it. He says that such a step would lead to an increase in vehicle theft and add to chaos on the roads.


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