Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rain water harvesting mandatory from June 6

Rain water harvesting mandatory from June 6
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The Bangalore City Corporation has made rain water harvesting (RWH) mandatory for all buildings the city from June 6. BCC officials said the norm had recently been added to the bylaws and all buildings including residences need to install RWH systems as a means to conserve water and recharge ground water.

According the new provision, every building with a plinth area of 100 sq mts or more, built on a site measuring not less than 200 sq mts must have one or more RWH structures of a specified capacity.

Second, the owner of such a building should ensure that the RWH structure is maintained in good condition for storage of water for non-potable purposes or recharge of ground water at all times. Third, BCC may impose a maximum fine of Rs. 1,000 a year for every 100 sq mt of built-up area if the owner of the building fails to provide or maintain RWH structures as required under the bylaws.


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