Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Even 10 Arkavathy layouts not enough for City

Even 10 Arkavathy layouts not enough for City
Vijay Times News

Bangalore: The State Government on Tuesday told the Karnataka High Court that for the kind of population Bangalore has, “even 10 Arkavathy layouts will not suffice.”

Attorney General B T Parthasarathy made the submission before Justice Gopal Gowda while defending the controversial BDA notification on the Arkavathy Layout. Defending the creation of the Layout, Parthasarathy said that but for the BDA, many people would have been homeless in the City. Elaborating on the magnitude of the housing problem in the City, he said the BDA proposed to create 30,000 sites at Arkavathy Layout. Two lakh applications had already been received, he said.

“The determined action of the BDA has resulted in provision of shelter at low cost for the public. The preamble of the BDA is to develop Bangalore city and adjacent areas,” he added. Further, it was submitted the BDA had the power to issue such a notification and it also cited examples of various other layouts being developed by it. Asking "if not for the BDA, who else will form layouts?", the AG said the need of the hour was planned development of the City. He further submitted that if the formation of the layouts was handed over to private persons, it would result in chaos.


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