Sunday, February 27, 2005

Budget neglected City, feel Bangaloreans

Budget neglected City, feel Bangaloreans

The minister could have included a special package for the city, a resident said.

Deccan Herald

Bangaloreans apparently are at one in welcoming the Union Railway budget -- 2005-06, for not hiking the fare charges. But they were quick to express displeasure for “neglecting” the IT city in particular and Karnataka in general.

“It is good that there is no hike in II class fares. Middle-income group who form the majority section, can breathe ease. But it (Government) should stick to the budget proposals through the year and should not resort to any measure in future that burdens the common man,” says Mr Ashish.

Ms Gayatri Sharma hopes that Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav would not swerve from his proposals in coming days. “Though his (Mr Laloo) proposal to not to burden the common man is fine, there should not be any compromise on the quality of service in the name of presenting pro-poor and pro-common man budget,” she adds.

Mr Prasad is not too happy with Laloo’s proposals as there isn’t much for IT city. “It is an emerging metro and the fastest growing city. If there was any project to upgrade the existing railway stations within the city, besides adding additional trains and stations, the city would have benefited a lot. The minister should have had a special package for Bangalore in the budget,” he adds.

“At the outset it is a pro-poor budget. It is nice that travel concessions are offered for rural students and farmers. But the Government should ensure that the new schemes are not misused. For, among farmers many are well off. So, care should be taken that only the poor avail the scheme,” says Mr Ashok.

Mr Shilaja feels that budget is not development-oriented. No major project is planned and the industry sector will not benefit at all. “With the country bracing up for the FDI, the government should have planned the budget in a better way so that it gives a fillip for the development of the economy,” she points out.


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