Friday, February 18, 2005

Bangalore tops in temp salaries

Bangalore tops in temp salaries

The Hindu Business Line

THERE'S no doubt Bangalore is the place to head for if you are in the job market. A Nasscom-Hewitt report released on Tuesday says IT pros in the city command eight per cent higher compensation than their counterparts in other parts of the country.

In temp salaries too, the city has beaten all other cities. For instance, HR executives who come armed with PG degrees and with 3-5 years experience behind them earn a cool Rs 20,000 per month in Bangalore. Pune would be their next best option where they could take home about Rs 18,000 per month. In Chennai and Kolkata, their pockets would be much lighter: about Rs 9,000, in Delhi slightly better: Rs 12,000, in Hyderabad and Mumbai about Rs 15,000.

According to the Temp Salary Primer 2004 compiled by TeamLease Services (P) Ltd, a Bangalore-based temporary staffing company, there is not much difference between salary levels of temporary and permanent jobs in India. "In fact, there is a small premium in temporary jobs over permanent jobs at the shorter end (up to five months)," said Mr Ashok Reddy, Managing Director, TeamLease Services.

Temp jobs in sales functions fetches a post-graduate about Rs 15,000 per month in Bangalore, while in other cities it ranges between Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000. Though there are more temp openings in Mumbai and Delhi, when it comes to compensation, it's still Bangalore that comes on top, according to Mr Reddy. The country's temp openings' figure currently stands at 55,000 jobs.

The survey covered about 17,000 temp employees across seven cities and 200 sectors in the country. It considered four key functional areas: sales, HR, administration and finance, primarily because these areas have explored the temping opportunity more than any other in the country. Industries covered were IT, ITeS, manufacturing, BFSI, FMCG and consumer durables.


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