Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bangalore to have business school for women

Bangalore to have business school for women:

Bangalore, Feb 21 : The city will soon have a new graduate school of business for women who wish to start their own businesses or help run their family business.

The school - The Institue of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies - will offer a one-year programme comprising a core curriculum of entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, operations, government, ethics, leadership and strategy that will equip its students to successfully run their own companies, its press statement said here today.

The same business cases currently utilised by Harvard Business School will be taught at the new school, it said.

Admissions in 2006 are limited to the top eight women students in India, based solely on merit. The school is expected to enroll 160 students in the near future.

John Talbott, a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs and visting scholar at UCLA's Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles is the founder and would take up full time teaching at the school, the statement said.

The school is beginning a major capital raising campaign to fund its development and building costs after which it will be 100 per cent self-sustaining, the statement added.


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