Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Night riders fall prey to robbers

Night riders fall prey to robbers

Deccan Herald

Don’t pull over, just keep driving when you are behind the wheel late in the night. For, you might become the target of roving ruffians.

Instances of motorists coming under attack from robbers is on the rise in Bangalore City in recent times. The soft targets are those who stop their vehicles alongside the roads - either to attend a call on their mobile phones or because their vehicles have suffered a breakdown.

One such person who became a victim of roving ruffians on Monday night was Sudhakar, a partner of the New Sri Sagar Hotel in Victoria Layout. A resident of Yellappa Garden, Sudhakar was on his way to his house when he stopped his two-wheeler near the Command Hospital to answer a call on his mobile phone. While he was answering, four persons walked up to him and assaulted him with a knife. Before Sudhakar could react, the four robbed him of gold ring, bracelet, mobile phone and Rs 1,000. The four escaped in an autorickshaw. Following this, Sudhakar lodged a complaint at Ulsoor police station.

Lack of policing
This is not an isolated incident, many such robberies have taken place in the last few months. The near-zero visibility of police personnel on the streets is one of the factors that prompt robbers to strike on busy roads. Recently, a family of four was attacked by a gang and robbed of cash and valuables when a punctured tyre of their car was being replaced.

There have also been instances of people getting robbed right in front of their homes. Recently, a software engineer was threatened by three motorcycle borne miscreants at knife-point and was robbed of his mobile phone in Koramangala 8th Block.

The victim, Srikanth, was talking over the phone standing outside his house.


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