Monday, January 31, 2005

Happy, but more chaos likely

Happy, but more chaos likely

Deccan Herald

Bangalore Mahanagare Palike’s decision to do away with collection of parking fee has evoked mixed reactions from a cross-section of Bangaloreans.

Some of them were clearly overjoyed at the prospect of free parking. Others feared that such a system would only aggravate the existing chaotic conditions when it came to finding parking spaces. When Deccan Herald sought reactions about BMP’s decision, this is what they had to say;

Twenty three-year-old Shankuntala was visibly relieved when she heard that she may not have to pay parking fees in future. Most contractors in the parking lot were prompt in collecting the fee, but did not do a good job when it came to looking after the vehicles, she said.

However, Ananthakrishnan, a car owner, felt that scrapping the fee was a bad idea. He felt that Bangalore’s greatest problem of finding a parking space would not be solved by this, he added.

Shrimal, employed in an MNC, was a bit apprehensive about the move. He feared it would lead to a situation where private people allotted spaces at exorbitant prices to vehicle owners.

But 25-year-old Vinay is thrilled about not having to pay any parking fee. Saying that paying the fee was a futile exercise from the beginning, he said he was looking forward to parking his vehicle without any thought of money being spent as the minutes ticked away.

But, there were others who felt that paying a minimal amount as parking fee would go in the betterment of city’s infrastructure and provide the much-needed revenue to BMP.


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