Thursday, January 27, 2005

Chirp, chirp — a birdwatcher’s paradise

Chirp, chirp — a birdwatcher’s paradise
The Times of India

Did you do it? Why did you do it? Did you do it?...goes the relentless call of the red wattled lapwing! Or take for instance, the melodious call of a magpie robin, tu wit tu wit ta wu.

Where on earth do you get to hear and see them? To give your kids a taste of the lovely outdoors and give them a glimpse
of our wonderful flora and fauna, you need go no farther than Lalbagh gardens!

It’s 8 am on a second Sunday and at the Lalbagh Glass House, an unusual group of children and adults has assembled. Most of them are equipped with a notebook and binoculars. One gentleman has already taken charge of the group. He points to a bird on the road ahead that is bigger than a sparrow but much smaller than a crow. Someone in the group describes the bird: brown body, buff underpart, yellow beak and a yellow patch near the eyes. “What’s that bird?” the

gentleman asks. Even as the group debates on why it is the common myna and not the jungle one, another gentleman calls out to look for the Striped Tiger. Nothing to worry. It’s only a beautifully hued butterfly going by that name owing to tiger-like stripes.
The avian life in Bangalore is among the best and most varied. For instance, Lalbagh itself is home to over 135 species of birds and butterflies, says M.B. Krishna, a professional ornithologist.

These outings organised by Birdwatchers Field Club of Bangalore (BWFCB), goes on for about three hours starting at 8 am. Along with the avian life, the group discovers the insects, butterflies, some common tips to identify trees and shrubs. Interesting topics related to geography and geology are discussed and debated.

These outings are a must for kids for they get to see life at close quarters. And it does not cost a single paisa. So, why miss it?

Bird Watching

Every second Sunday of the month

7.30 am

Lalbagh Glass House

Approximately 3 hours

Anything comfortable and preferably dull coloured clothing

A notebook and a ball-point pen; binoculars if possible


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