Saturday, November 27, 2004

New one-ways may open Pandora’s box

New one-ways may open Pandora’s box
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The new traffic system making Richmond and Residency Roads one-ways from December 1 threatens to open up a Pandora’s Box of problems.

Earlier, all one had to do to reach Richmond Road from K.H. Road was to get onto the flyover. Now they have to take Residency Road and then go through Commissariat Road to reach D’Souza Circle.

Essentially, a lot of traffic that previously plied on Richmond Road unhindered will now be forced to take Residency Road. Another point of concern is the Bishop Cotton Boys School where traffic piles up every morning, afternoon and evening.

While Residency can handle heavy traffic, can the narrow Commissariat road bear the brunt? Another point is that traffic police have not specified which route KSRTC and private buses will take to go from Residency Road towards Airport Road.

From Commissariat Road, it is not clear if they will take a left at Shopper’s Stop junction or go down further and turn left at D’Souza Circle. This is a rather sharp turn and may lead to many accidents. Have precautions been taken to prevent this?

The Ashirvadam Circle is also a cause for concern as traffic from Residency Road as well as Museum Road meet at this point. The Residency Road stretch from Ashirvadam Circle to Mayo Hall junction promises plenty of scope for vehicular congestion, with traffic from Brigade Road also adding to the mess.

Heavy transport vehicles (HTV) on Hosur Road might be forced to go past Vellara junction and onto Residency Road to get to D’Souza Circle as Campbell Road will surely not be able to take that kind of traffic.

Good road engineering is required to make sure the one-way system works. Are the traffic police listening?


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