Friday, October 29, 2004

Krishna: Snubbing IT Will Not Lead Bangalore Anywhere

Now, Krishna fumes over bad roads
Says Snubbing IT Will Not Lead Bangalore Anywhere
Times of India

Bangalore: After IT captains, the industry and highprofile visitors damned Bangalore’s crumbling infrastructure, former chief minister S.M. Krishna — once called the CEO of Bangalore — has joined the chorus over the neglect of city’s roads and the IT sector. Mincing no words, Krishna said: “This state of affairs in Bangalore cannot continue. The roads in rural areas are equally worse. I will speak to CM Dharam Singh soon on this.” Krishna feared that MNCs might fly off to other developing countries if the city’s infrastructure was not improved. “Local companies may opt for Hyderabad or Chennai. But what about the biggies? They may relocate to China. Eventually, the state will not only lose revenue, but employment of thousands,’’ he said at a meet-the-press organised by the Press Club of Bangalore.

The IT-savvy former CM said the government cannot afford to ignore the IT sector. “A balanced approach is very much needed. Both IT and rural sectors require equal importance, but not at the cost of one another. In fact, the government should nurture the IT sector and divert the revenue generated from it to rural areas.” Krishna then trained his guns on the delay over the Devanahalli airport project. Criticising the government over the delay in commencing work, he said, “The Centre has given all the clearances. The state government has no reason to delay it further. I’d a tough time convincing the previous NDA government and project promoters. If it is delayed further, the consequences will be serious.” On outsourcing, Krishna said he felt that the proposed restrictions by the US might never happen. “Outsourcing has become the US Presidential election issue. I am sure neither Kerry nor Bush would impose restrictions on outsourcing. Anyhow, let’s wait and watch.”


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