Friday, October 29, 2004

Dasarahalli residents fight over land & water

Dasarahalli residents fight over land & water
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Dasarahalli residents are stressed out both physically and mentally, thanks to the City Municipal Corporation (CMC) here.

Land and water disputes have completely shaken them. While some have migrated, there are scores who have decided to stay put and fight on.

While officials are busy interpreting who is going to be the next CMC president, many residents are also busy pulling each other’s hair, accusing one another of having occupied land illegally.

Hanumantharaju, a resident of Kannada Kasturi Road and a police constable, points at a shop next to his house and says: ‘‘I bought this 35X40 site years back. As per instructions from officials, I constructed my house a good 5 to 8 inches away from the actual area. But now, a shop has come up just beside my residence, which is meant for a road. When vehicles had no other way, they started to use the space in front of the shop to commute. To avoid this, the shop owners dumped huge stones and also dug up the place.’’ The CMC however, has preferred to leave the matter to the courts.

Another major issue here is water. Susheela, a housewife, residing here says: ‘‘Tankers bring borewell water everyday. But, they charge us Re 1 for a bucket of water. I spend Rs. 20 each day for water alone.’’

Rukminamma, a resident of Old Masoodi Road, says: ‘‘Dasarahalli is very unique because it has only one tarred road. Another specialty is we have to walk one km to dump garbage, which is never collected.’’

Assistant executive engineer Ranganath admits that land disputes do happen. He says: ‘‘we try our best to solve these issues but there are thousands of cases. We can not find solution to all.’’

About water he says: ‘‘Water problem can be resolved. But for this, residents need to co-operate. If they pay their taxes on time, the BWSSB will supply Cauvery water regularly.’’

Talking about the initiatives taken by the CMC to develop the area, he says: ‘‘Nirmala Nagara scheme will be implemented soon. This scheme will look after the drainage and garbage problem.’’


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