Thursday, October 28, 2004

Begur paralysed

Begur paralysed
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: With the State government deciding to invest money on infrastructure development in Bangalore, IT companies in the city are busy celebrating.

Now many from the Begur City Municipal Corporation (CMC), where a majority of the IT companies and their work force are located, are slowly moving back to Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) limits.

The reason is simple: No proper supply of potable water, pathetic roads and poor sanitation.

A resident, Asha, informed that tanker water is available once every three days. During summer it is even worse as water arrives just once a week. This problem was brought to the notice of the City Municipal Corporation commissioner but little has been done.

Another resident, Mani, added: ‘‘There are more than a hundred companies in this area. Hence vehicle density is high. There is nothing called a footpath here. Accidents are a common sight.’’

Revenue officer of Begur the City Municipal Corporation Huchappa admitted that water crisis was a major problem.

‘‘We have tried everything possible from our side. There was a time when people complained about electricity supply. We gave this responsibility to a private company. About water, we can only provide them with what we have,’’ he said.

Huchappa, however, added the corporation was not at fault. ‘‘Begur ward comprises five to six villages. People do not pay taxes but expect us to provide them with facilities. If we had enough revenue, we would have provided them with every facility under the sun,’’ he said.


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