Friday, September 24, 2004

Yawn: Underpass in Malleswaram

Underpass at Malleswaram
The underpass here set to take off soon is expected to decongest traffic and help pedestrians

The Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) has planned an underpass at the Malleswaram Circle on the lines of Mekhri Circle grade separator at a cost of Rs 10 crores to decongest traffic in the locality.

Malleswaram, one of the oldest residential areas of Bangalore, has over the years developed as one of the commercial hubs of the city. From small shops to wholesale markets, from top educational institutions to MNC banks, you name it and the area has it. The result is high traffic volumes moving at a snail's pace in peak hours.

BCC's Technical Advisor Jaiprasad said: "Malleswaram Circle is one of the busiest junctions in the area with a typical four-legged intersection with Sampige Road on the north and south side of the junction, MKK Road on the west and Link Road on the east. The underpass will start at the foot of KC General Hospital and Malleswaram Grounds. We are yet to crystalise on the proposal and then approval would be sought from the council and the government".

The traffic volume here is 7,800 PCU/hour during peak hours with queuing of vehicles being 150 metres. With the travel speed through the day being 15 kmph and pedestrian flow during peak hours being 1,950, it is imperative to build a grade separator here.

The project

The grade separator will cost around Rs 10 crores including shifting of utilities, cost of land acquisition and miscellaneous expenses. While the underpass will start at the KC General Hospital it will emerge out at the Pioneer India Business on MKK Road with a total length of the underpass being 180 metres. The existing Sampige Road will act as the bridge above the underpass and will be widened.


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