Friday, September 24, 2004

Potholes shine as deadlines make hay

Pothole on Vidhana Veedhi

Potholes shine as deadlines make hay
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: With the deadlines for filling up of potholes being extended once every few days by the Bangalore City Corporation (BCC), the city roads are turning rough obstacle courses every passing day. Road repairs have been slow to start (BCC blames it on the rains) and excruciatingly tardy in their progress. Pothole-ridden Bangalore has much to cry for.

Roads that are gnashed by the heavy traffic load abound. There seems to be no redemption from backaches for two-wheeler riders and autorickshaw passengers on none other than VVIP Raj Bhavan Road (in front of Telephone House). Among the particularly distasteful stretches is Dickenson Road, with a pothole right in the middle of the junction. Bumpier still is Palace Guttahalli Road. The risky Malleswaram 8th Main (MD Block) road has the reputation of being a back breaker for several months now and is yet to get some of BCC’s attention.

The test of one’s riding abilities is Koramangala 80 ft road, which probably has the biggest potholes in the city. And of course Moodlapalya Road, which has no match for the number of potholes. While the BCC is busy fixing deadlines for itself, is any work getting done on the streets? One wonders.


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