Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Broken Bones Award for Bangalore's Worst Roads

Lingarajapuram Road

Kammanahalli Main Road

Banaswadi Road

And, the award for Worst Road goes to...
We tried our best to confirm this bit of news. But couldn’t. A contest is on the cards for daredevil motorists who will be asked to drive on 10 most dreaded roads. Those who make it will qualify for the next 10 and then the next...
Times of India

The residents of Kammanahalli, Ramaswamypalya and other local groups led by MP Sangliana, on Thursday, had every reason to protest the state of roads, drains, potholes there.

On Friday, The Times of India team learnt it the hard way: that the roads in these areas are indeed bone-breakers. Especially after the rain that lashed the city, the roads leading to the Lingarajapuram flyover win hands down the award for the Worst Road of the City. As for the 1-km stretch under the flyover, look hard at the pictures. On a normal day, the crater-deep pothole roadless wonder is one hell of a journey. And on a rainy day, every nook holds promise of a watery grave.

The H.M. Road along the stretch of the flyover is bustling with shops, offices, petty businessmen, liquor shops... stagnant pools of slush and mosquitoes. These BCC-forsaken badlands have danger lurking just about everywhere. While vegetable vendors just curse the horrendous traffic, pedestrians jostle for space on the imaginary pavements with flower vendors and others. Casualties and accidents are very deja vu here; shopkeepers narrate tales of keeping logbooks of accidents a day.

Even as TOI was taking pictures, an aged woman slipped onto a huge muddy pit, she escaped with a few bruises. Not many do. Kammanahalli main road bustling with Foodworlds, Nilgiris, boutiques is just fine. The recent pothole deadline has ensured that some pits are filled up. The bylanes of residential areas are a living hell: The tar has come off at various places, there is no concept of a pavement, slippery stretches bang in the middle ...

Cut to the Banaswadi flyover. Conspicuous by their absence are streetlights and making their presence felt are massive killer-pits. Friday being a rainy day, you couldn’t differentiate where the surface was even and where slush filled-up pits and drains lurked. There is just one entry to the ITC Factory from here — a narrow pass by the grade separator. Buses, autos, two-wheelers, cars have to ply here only. Statutory warning: Travelling on these roads is injurious to life.


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