Monday, August 09, 2004

Mega plans for Kempegowda Bus Stand

BMTC has Majestic dreams for ’07


Bangalore: The City could boast of a grand hi-tech bus station in Majestic by 2007 if Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation's proposal comes through. It will be a project funded entirely by BMTC and KSRTC.
Upendra Tripathy, Managing Director of BMTC told Vijay Times that a new proposal to be among the best in Asia will be forwarded to the Government shortly.

The new bus station will be located in the basement and will boast of a landscaped garden and park on top with four symmetrical towers at the four corners comprising of 30 floors each. These four towers will be occupied by KSRTC, BMTC, Indian Railways and the proposed Metro rail network if it ever becomes a reality. All the four towers will be connected by a underground network for the benefit of commuters. And pine trees will be planted in the middle to enhance beauty. "The concept paper has been submitted by RITE a Bangalore based company in this regard. The estimated cost and other factors will be decided at a later stage" said Tripathy adding that it will take at least three years if plans are approved. In its conceptual stage the plan may be submitted by August 15th.

The new proposal wll take into account commuter friendly measures, aesthetics and state of the art infrastructure and will be built after tenders are called for. It will also include a restaurant, restrooms, Hopcoms stall and a supermarket all for the benefit of commuters. "Instead of having separate offices for transport facilities we felt it better to include bus and railway offices in a single enclosure" said Tripathy. VT learnt that BMTC has set aside 100 crores for the proposal. This is apart from funds from KSRTC and Metro Rail.


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