Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Lou Dobbs takes on Bangalore

Look out, Silicon Valley! Bangalore's gaining'
Press Trust of India

A leading figure of the anti-outsourcing movement in the United States has warned American companies against sending jobs offshore saying by doing so they are firing their own customers.

Lou Dobbs, a CNN commentator, who has become a leader of the anti-outsourcing movement, has a new theme in his new book: Look out, Silicon Valley! Bangalore is gaining on you!

Warning US corporations who send jobs offshore, Dobbs said by doing so the companies were firing their own customers because American workers would eventually find themselves unable to purchase the goods and services being exported back to America by American companies.

"Some folks in India believe that their country's version of Silicon Valley has already surpassed its California counterpart as a centre for high-tech employment," he writes.

"American companies have been all too happy to answer India's siren call of educated English speakers willing to work at some of the world's lowest wages," he says.

Dobbs' new book is titled: Exporting America.


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