Monday, August 30, 2004

Jammed Junctions: Mysore Bank Circle

Protest rallies not in interest of bank circle

Mysore Bank Circle has become synonymous with protests. Not less than 5 to 10 protests are staged at this circle in a month causing undue hardship to commuters.

Protests notwithstanding, lack of lane discipline affects peak hour traffic at this junction. Despite KG Road being made a one-way from Hudson Circle, the voluminous traffic has become a nightmare for traffic police and the commuters.
Nearly 10,000 vehicles pass through the Mysore Bank circle every hour.

A single protest is enough to throw peak hour traffic out of gear not just at this Circle but at Anand Rao Circle, K R Circle and Hudson Circle. This Circle connects four major roads -Avenue Road, Post Office Road, Palace Road and KG Road. It also acts as an entry point for vehicles to reach the KSRTC, BMTC bus station and City Railway Station.

From Hudson Circle to Mysore Bank circle, the width of the road is 75-feet and thereafter the road is just 40-feet until Upparpet Police station adding to the mounting traffic.

To top it all, there is no lane discipline and there is haphazard pedestrian movement near the traffic signal adding to the chaos at the circle.
When contacted the police authorities said the flow of traffic is smooth throughout the day except during peak hours.

Processions should be banned near the Circle as it affects vehicular movement, a traffic police constable manning the traffic at the circle said. In fact, the traffic policemen dread to man traffic during peak hours.

Adding to the woes is the poor state of infrastructure, which has remained static for decades despite an increase in the traffic flow.
The traffic is enormous between 9 am and 11 am and between 4 pm to 8 pm.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic-West) Mohammed Rafiq A Mulla, a flyover is essential for easing congestion at the circle.

On enforcing lane discipline on KG Road, he said that police will try to enforce it, but the motorists are not disciplined.

Ban on protests and demonstrations
Construction of a flyover and pedestrian subway near Mysore Bank Circle
Strict enforcement of lane discipline
Clear footpath encroachments

We invite our readers to suggest ways of overcoming the traffic snarls. You may e-mail your suggestions to or snail mail to 75, M G Road, Bangalore-560001.


Manandi N Suresh, President, Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry
-Synchronisation of traffic signals from Town Hall to Mysore Bank Circle is essential to reduce congestion. Staggered working hours for Government offices will help in better traffic management.
Shantha, employee, Karnataka Bank, K G Road
-Introduction of one-way from Maharani’s college junction to Mysore Bank is not a wise decision.
Several office-goers who travel by BMTC buses have no other option but to take a long circuitous route to reach their offices.

S Vishwanath, retired
head master
-A flyover or an underpass is essential at Mysore Bank circle.
Otherwise, traffic congestion will continue to increase by the day. Strict enforcement of traffic rules is essential to ensure smooth movement of vehicles.
Ranjini, manager operations, Ram Mohan travel agency
-BMTC buses should be allowed on Palace Road till Mysore Bank Circle from Maharani’s College junction. Office-goers have been severely affected due to introduction of one-way between Maharani’s College and Mysore Bank Circle.

K Lakshman, businessman
-One-way is not the solution for reducing traffic congestion. In fact, it has resulted in more congestion in and around Mysore Bank circle, causing wastage of fuel and high pollution. The police should strictly enforce lane discipline and streamline pedestrian movement.

V Balaram, employee,
Binny Showroom
-Pedestrian subway is necessary for ensuring smooth pedestrian movement.
Crossing the busy circle is a difficult task for pedestrians in the absence of a subway.


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