Saturday, July 10, 2004

Public reaction to Jerome's departure

Some public reactions to Jayakar Jermoe's departure published in TOI

Death Blow

This has been a black week for Bangalore city. A great organisation (BDA) has been dealt a near-fatal blow. Instead of encouraging and improving this ‘Infosys of Karnataka government’ (as it was once described), the Dharam Singh administration has delivered it a severe blow from which it may never recover. Its efficient and upright head Jayakar Jerome has gone on leave. Unfortunately, the response to these measures has been muted. Soon, it would be business as usual and a showpiece of excellence would be destroyed. The land sharks, corporator lobby, MLA lobby, illegal construction lobby, etc have successfully applied pressure on the government. For all his failings, S.M. Krishna should be credited with supporting the BDA. None of the lobbies could affect the organisation. Bangalore clocked major successes during this period. Will that golden era come back?
Kalyan K.B.,

Bring Jerome Back

Bangalore has risen to an exalted position in the eyes of US presidential candidate John Kerry for its praiseworthy role in being India’s IT capital. Now it appears, Bangalore has been relegated to play second fiddle in developmental projects by an overtly pro-rural coalition state government. In the corridors of power, Bangalore is now a dirty word, responsible for the Krishna government’s loss during the elections. Having applied the brakes on the proactive BATF, the next casualty are BDA’s high-profile commissioner Jayakar Jerome and the Arkavathy Layout project. Applicants have been left in the lurch, much like the suffering CET applicants. The only silver lining is the international airport project.
Nagesh Kumar C.S,

Land sharks and the land mafia are probably celebrating Mr Jerome’s leave. Now, it is likely that the BDA will go back to its indisciplined ways. It also seems to be time for politically assisted, corrupt dealmakers to haunt the BDA.
T. Vidyadhar, Bangalore


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