Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Learn from Kolkata's decline, say TOI readers

Relocation Threat

With big IT companies thinking about relocating away from Bangalore because of poor infrastructure, the government is in effect killing the goose that lays the golden egg. The fate of Bangalore is quickly going the Kolkata way, where travel by road became so bad that companies moved out and airlines stopped flying to that destination. The CM can ignore the development of Bangalore but at a great cost. The loss of productivity when commuting from place to place on our roads is huge and will only get bigger unless we do something soon.

Leslie Pinto, Bangalore

Heed The Point

The point our deputy chief minister has overlooked is not ‘Who has gone out of Karnataka?’ but ‘Who will invest further in Karnataka?’. This is the lesson West Bengal learnt at its cost and is now striving to rectify. If we are not to go down that state’s disastrous road, let us hope the CM will heed H.S. Balram’s Parting Shot — ‘Action plan, please’ — in To The Point (July 25). A lopsided emphasis on agriculture-for-votes at the cost of industry will prove disastrous for the state.

J.K. Jacob, Bangalore


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