Thursday, July 22, 2004

Killing the goose that lays the golden egg

No one can do this better than the new state government in Karnataka. No one grudges development of the interiors and the villages or prosperity for the entire state. But the state government should not lose sight of the fact that over 50% of its revenues comes from one place - Bangalore. And if you don't reinvest in the development of this golden goose there are going to be no funds for investing in the development of the other parts. Today Bangalore lies in shambles. The whole city is overrun by storm water, roads have fallen apart, there is no space for another vehicle on the roads, chronic power and water shortage. All that is asked for is minimal funds for the basic upkeep of the city so that investors don't exit in a drove. And what does the Government give? Not a penny allocated in the year's budget. Not even the promised Rs. 320 crores for the International Airport. Forget any support for a Mass Rapid Transit System. And a 140% hike in tax on sale of all computer software and hardware which has high negative symbolism in India's Silicon Valley, make that alley. And noble samaritans like Sudha Murthy, Ramesh Ramanathan and Nandan Nilekani who were contributing to the city's infrastructure with their personal money through forums such as BATF and Janaagraha have been asked to take a hike. Nothing more remains to be said. Disaster awaits around the corner.


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