Thursday, July 29, 2004

A feeling of Deja Vu

Why am I getting this strong feeling of deja vu about the state of affairs in Bangalore today. Back in 1997 when M/s J H Patel and Siddaramaiah took over the reins of the state, the city's fortunes began sliding rapidly. Chandrababu Naidu ensured he made the most of it and snatched some key investments from the city, notably Microsoft's India Development Centre and the McKinsey-promoted Indian School of Business. Now, in 2004, the scenario repeats itself. Siddaramaiah is back at the helm of affairs. The city is out of focus, infrastructure is crumbling. Industry-unfriendly policies and levies are back in vogue and industry is looking for greener pastures. Tamil Nadu has promptly reduced stamp duty for IT and ITeS companies by half in a bid to woo IT companies discontent with the scene in Bangalore. Atleast in J H Patel's case it was sheer indifference that brought the misery. In the case of Dharam Singh and co. it seems to be some grossly misguided belief that ignoring Bangalore means automatic development for the rest of the state.


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