Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wanted: Pedestrian subways

There are only a handful of pedestrian subways in Bangalore, probably even lesser. The ones under Platform Road connecting the City Railway Station to Kempegowda Bus Station and another connecting the Bus Station to Sangam Theatre under Dhanvantri Road are the only ones I can remember straightaway. And my guess is people would rather hazard life and limb and amble across rather than use the subway. There is a pedestrian overbridge across Kempegowda Road near Santosh Theatre which is also in disuse. I am reminded of Singapore which has several pedestrian subways and overbridges the latter covered with creepers and merging beautifully into the city's extensive green cover. Given how population in Bangalore, both that of humans and vehicles has risen in the last few years the city is in dire need of pedestrian subways and overbridges in the interests of pedestrian safety as well as smoother traffic flow. More importantly its usage must be ensured by blocking pedestrian access across roads using railings or whatever it takes.


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