Sunday, June 20, 2004

Thick as an equatorial forest

I wonder how many other cities in the world have a thoroughfare, resembling an equatorial forest, bang in the middle of the city. A lot of Singapore is like that. But to find one in India must be impossible. Bangalore itself is home to one such stretch of road. I refer to the Jayanagar 4th Main Road (known variously as R.V.Road, Nanda Talkies Road etc.) that runs a 2.5 kilometre distance from South End Circle to the Rajalakshmi Nursing Home on the J.P.Nagar Inner Ring Road (46th Cross). Covered totally in dual canopies of mammoth rain trees lining both its sides on the entire stretch, scarcely does a ray of sunlight penetrate this road. If that was the cake here is the icing on it - This entire stretch of road is lined on both sides by parks, the N. Laxman Rau Park (named after the former BMP Commissioner and one of the few right-minded city administrators that we have had), that is a 5 kilometer stretch of parks! This includes the once famous Rose Gardens in Jayanagar 7th Block (which disappeared when the Cauvery IV Stage I phase water pipes were laid).

Why am I posting this now? Because things are not going to remain the same if the proposed Elevated Mass Rapid Transit System takes off. One side of this stretch will make way for its tracks and stations and other associated amenities.


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