Tuesday, June 22, 2004

IRR going to seed

When high speed roads are built they are supposed to be as free from obstructions as possible. But this is India, remember? The Koramangala - Indiranagar Intermediate Ring Road which for some time seemed like the panacea to the nightmare that Airport Road was is now going the way of many other roads in Bangalore. Blame it on mindless urbanization. When the road was completed in 1999, almost its entire 5 kilometer stretch had vast stretches of empty land on both sides and a median ran through from end to end except where the Ejipura Main Road cut through. Now, several commercial establishments have sprung up at both ends of the road, in Ejipura and Dommasandra at the Koramangala end (shops and restaurants) at Challaghatta and Domlur at the Indiranagar end (software companies - Dell, Peoplesoft, IBM, Microsoft etc). Result: A vast swarm of traffic wanting to take U-turns and cut across the road. And the outermost lane being used up for parking by visitors to these establishments. A good one KM stretch of the IRR, half a KM at both ends, is now steeped in chaos. The good news: the in-between stretch of 4 kms is likely to remain as it is. Why? Because that land is owned by the defence authorities. Thank God and the army for small mercies.


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