Monday, June 28, 2004

Bangalore, a wired model for America ?!?

The Democrat candidate for the US Presidential elections, John Kerry thinks that Bangalore is fully wired!! How I wish it were, though. Read this excerpt from an article in USA Today.

Kerry touts tech

Kerry, who has been conducting a series of campaign events on science and technology, came to Silicon Valley to tout his plans to create more high-tech jobs and universal high-speed Internet access known as broadband.

He said the United States had fallen to 10th in the world in adapting to broadband, which he described as essential to U.S. economic growth and the generation of new jobs.

"We need to seize on the possibilities of the broadband revolution and make the Internet access available to all of America's families," Kerry said. "If Bangalore in India can be completely wired, then so should all of America."
Bush has set a goal of 2007 for universal availability of high-speed Internet access, but Kerry aides said he had failed to provide details of how he would reach that goal.

High-speed Internet service grew by 42% last year to 28.2 million lines into homes and small businesses, which subscribe to it either from a telephone or cable television company.

But Kerry said South Korea and Japan already are deploying networks that are 20 to 50 times faster than in the United States.

Kerry said installing a universal high-speed network could expand the economy by $500 billion and create at least 1.2 million new jobs.

His proposal would provide tax credits for investments in broadband technology in rural and inner city areas, and for investments in the next generation of high-speed broadband anywhere in the country.

Kerry said he would raise $30 billion to create high-tech jobs and promote innovation by auctioning to private companies the spectrum made available after more households transfer to digital television.


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