Monday, May 03, 2004

Will Jayakar Jerome follow Krishna out?

H S Balram, former resident editor of the Bangalore edition of the Times of India says "Ask not what Jayakar Jerome is doing, ask what he is not doing" Undoubtedly SM Krishna's most trusted lieutenant when it comes to the city's development, Jerome has time and again proven his credentials. From rescuing the Bangalore Development Authority from depths of obscurity and making it so cash rich that the organization pours money all too willingly into building flyovers all across the city to developing parks, removing encroachments, restoring lakes, and even building the out-patient department of the Victoria Hospital, this exemplary IAS officer has time and again justified the faith and freedom that Krishna has entrusted in him. One might accuse him of overzealousness but even his worst enemy cannot accuse him of not giving his everything for the city's cause. But he is so closely identified with Krishna, that if Krishna loses office Jerome will almost surely follow suit. Will it be Bangalore's loss?


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