Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The traffic nightmare

I spent all of 20 minutes in trying to cover a 300m distance from the Bangalore Club on Residency Road to beyond the Olympic Sports junction of Double Road. The sheer volume of traffic is mind-numbing. A sea of bikes, scooters and cars with buses and autos thrown in. Add to this indisciplined drivers who have little regards for signals, lane discipline or any other traffic regulations. The air is full of noxious fumes. This, at an intersection where traffic congestion is supposed to have eased after a flyover was constructed. Must be a lot worse in other parts of the city. Makes me wonder if Bangalore is heading in the right direction. Most parts of downtown Bangalore are too narrow for any widening of roads or building more flyovers (if flyovers are the right solution in the first place). Are we adopting a piecemeal approach in trying to solve the problem? Would a mass rapid transit system help? How would you discourage people from using their own means of transport given the convenience? Should the city centre be decongested? If so, how? By giving incentives to move to the outskirts of the city through tax holidays, cheaper land and so on? Wonder how some of the South East Asian countries with similar population densities have managed the issue. Are our civic authorities looking for any long term answers?


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