Sunday, May 23, 2004

A take on the Innovative Multiplex

Multiplexes as a rule dilute the cinematic experience. One goes to the theatres to experience the magic of celluloid on those gargantuan screens which one is used to seeing in the standalone theatres of yore. Unfortunately, its economics that drive the multiplex business and most screens seat about 300 odd people (Urvashi,one of the largest theatres in Bangalore can seat 450 people in just the balcony) in a small area where the screens look barely larger than about a 100 inches. It won't be long before the plasma and HDTVs reach this size.

The Innovative Multiplex has a 4-screens and being the only multiplex in the city has made it its job to cater to the well-heeled crowd and that means ridiculously expensive ticket prices and no screening movies in the vernacular. The good: comfortable seats, good sound system, a clean floor and intact cup holders, relatively not-too expensive food with several options. The bad: inadequate parking space, small screens, poor ticketing systems(In just one screening, I was witness to three incidents of two sets of people being given same ticket numbers).


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