Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Super-sized Shopper's Stop

Yesterday saw me checking out the so-called seamless Bangalore Central mall. Managed by Pantaloon Retail, it does manage to pack in a very wide selection of brands under one roof. More than a mall, it looked like an oversized version of department stores like Shopper's Stop and Lifestyle. But much more glitzy, lots of international brands and prices catering to all kinds of customers. A Cafe Coffee Day tucked away in a cute corner with plush sofas for seating is nice. The music and book section managed by Music World and Sankars respectively suck. Both stock only fast-moving titles. Not for the discerning book or music buyer. Spread over five levels each level caters to a different segment - men, women, kids and youth ranging across apparel, beauty products, electronics, entertainment and household products. There is also a Food Bazaar for grocery shopping with an apology of a food court.

Check ou these two pictures (Photography was banned inside the store)

Pic 1
Pic 2


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