Saturday, May 29, 2004

The one special thing that Bangalore really needs

The Tabloid of India once again brings together a bunch of Page 3 regulars and asks them what is the one special thing that Bangalore really needs.

Sandeep Khosla, architect (the accompanying photo is that of Manoviraj Khosla the fashion designer, thats TOI for you): Bangalore needs a beautiful plaza, a public space where people can enjoy the outdoors with a view of the street with benches to sit.

Paul Fernandes, Cartoonist: Bangalore really needs a designated day where no cars are used.

Gina Braganza, Entrepreneur: WHat Bangalore needs is a space, a theatre or an amphitheatre which can seat around 1500 people where doing theatre would be so much easier.

Bunty Peerbhoy, Ad agency head: Bangalore needs a place where you can have a terrific evening of music: rock and roll, jazz or even nostalgia music.


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