Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mango merchants adamant

For years, wholesale Mango merchants have been using encroached land in the Palace Grounds to sell the produce during the mango season in Summer. Last year the APMC (agricultural produce marketing corporation) established the fruit market in Singasandra on Hosur Road and directed the merchants to move their from this year onwards. But the merchants refused because they found the palace grounds more convenient as most of the produce came in from the northern and western parts of the state while Hosur Road is on the South West. Citing poor infrastructure at the new market they stay put. Two days ago, the Supreme Court ordered the merchants to clear the Palace Grounds and move to the Singasandra market. But the merchants remain defiant. The police have moved in to prevent their entry into the Palace Grounds. One hopes this standoff does not result in any ugly confrontation.


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